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Rich Cullen
Jim Korkis

The Golf Resort was originally a building located in the middle of the Palm and Magnolia golf courses and was meant as an amenity for golfers using the courses in 1971-72. It was designed with wood and volcanic rock to look like a two-story country clubhouse and did not have any guest rooms.

Guest wings were added in 1973 as part of Walt Disney World's Phase 2 expansion that was also meant to include three other Magic Kingdom resorts that were never built. It retained the name The Golf Resort, but was not generally considered a WDW resort because of its small size, among other things.

Guests preferred staying at the Contemporary or the Polynesian Village Inn resorts which were often booked to capacity, and usually only booked The Golf Resort if they couldn't find lodging in those two larger resorts. In February 1986, Disney expanded the resort and renamed it The Disney Inn in hopes of attracting more than just golfers, promoting it as having the intimate and rustic charm of a quiet country inn.



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