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John Hench
Robin Allan

John Hench: I was born in Iowa, and came here [to California] early, in San Francisco. My father was a chemist, he worked for Eastman Kodak, then for gold mining, then had a photographic salon. He was a romantic. He was unpractical and always away.

I was doing promotional design for a store. I was hooked on classical music, but I wasn't keen on cartoons.

At Disney I was put straight to work onto story because I could draw. Usually you get a "Traffic" job (taking material from one part of the Studio to another). But I started work directly. I worked on the Nutcracker Suite, in character development.



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Source type Book Series
Volume 28 Chapter: 10
Subject date 1989, 1985-05-22,
Language en
Document type Interview
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Pages pp. 127-129


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