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Bill Cottrell
Brian Sibley Richard Holliss

Brian Sibley: Your involvement, both as somebody who worked for the Studio from Snow White onwards, and also because of your connection to the family, is really quite important. Could you perhaps tell us how you got involved in the Disney Studio, how it began? Snow White, we find, is your earliest credit-

Bill Cottrell: I worked on shorts before that. I went to work there in 1929, so that was before Snow White.

BS: You were there the year after Steamboat Willie premiered.

BC: That's right.

BS: How did you hear about the Studio?

BC: My sister knew Roy Disney. My sister worked at a bank and the Studio had its bank account with the bank my sister was in at that time. They became acquainted just as he came to the bank, and Roy asked her if she had any brothers or sisters. She told him about me. He said, "What does he do?" and she said, "He's looking for a job right now. He's out of college and he's trying to get on a newspaper as a cartoonist and a sportswriter." He said, "I'll give you a card to a fellow named Walter Lantz," and that was out at Universal Studio. I went out there and the job, that was the one job-this was the Depression days, you know-it was taken in a hurry.



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Volume 28 Chapter: 11
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