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Al Eugster's Journal
The Disney Years 1935–1939
Al Eugster, Mark Mayerson

Alfred Eugster (1909–1997) had a career in animation that spanned the silent era through Saturday morning cartoons. He worked as an animator in studios in New York, Hollywood, and Miami. Starting in 1925, he worked as a blackener at the Pat Sullivan Studio under the direction of Otto Messmer on Felix the Cat cartoons. As those cartoons were done on paper, not cels, Al's job was to blacken in Felix and any other characters that required it.

In 1929, Al joined the Fleischer studio where he did his &rst animation on an industrial &lm and the Talkartoon series. In 1932, he moved to Los Angeles to animate for Charles Mintz on the Krazy Kat series. In 1934, he joined the Ub Iwerks studio, where he worked on cartoons in the Willie Whopper and Comicolor series. From 1935 to 1939, he animated at the Disney Studio on shorts and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. His journal for those years is below.



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