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The Diaries of Tadhg Murphy
Part Two
Tadhg Murphy

August 12, 1947, to August 14, 1947

These days were pleasant—very sultry, and the weather looking very settled. I had little to do these three days, without any visitors since the B.B.C. crew left.27 But before long news came from Dublin that I would have another visitor! A Yank from Walt Disney’s crew—Larry Watkin from California, I will have to look after this time—he would be coming to Waterville in the middle of this week, and I would be expected to look after him while in this part of Kerry, and also to direct him to Dingle. Yes, one should always tell the truth— I admit that I was not very pleased with this news—I have to admit I was feeling ill-will towards these strangers since the B.B.C. people departed,28 and I said to myself that I would not put out myself too much for any other stranger who came my way. And that was how it was, and the matter remained so until Friday.



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