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I Love Polar Bears
Mary Wilmar

Cinematographer Hugh Wilmar married Mary Pierce on November 18, 1954. Less than five months later, in March 1955, the couple set off for Coral Harbor, Southampton Island, just below the Arctic Circle. They arrived on March 13. Hugh's mission: Film polar bears and other local fauna for the upcoming Disney movie, White Wilderness. It was Mary's first true-life adventure, and she was pregnant.

On her return from the trip, Mary decided to write a short memoir that she hoped to sell to a magazine or a newspaper. Her account was recently rediscovered by Hugo de Wolf and Diana Wilmar, who were kind enough to give me their authorization to release it in this volume of Walt’s People.

The wives of two wildlife photographers accompanied their husbands into the Far North to record scenes for Disney’s True-Life Adventure, White Wilderness.



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Volume 27 Chapter: 5
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