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Letters to Dennis Gifford from Wilfred Haughton
Wilfred Haughton

We met British artist Wilfred Haughton in Volume 15 of Walt’s People via the autobiography of his colleague Basil Reynolds.

These letters were provided by researcher Hugh Allison.

March 1, 1977
Sometime, early in 1928,1 I was commissioned by Dean & Sons to illustrate a 128-page annual featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends. I accepted, and with my wife and two daughters, spent the whole summer in a beach tent on the beach at Great Yarmouth, in order to complete the annual by September 1st. I delivered the annual to time and then discovered that the cover had already been completed by another artist just in case I hadn’t time to complete the whole job. However, I did the covers myself after that.…



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Volume 25 Chapter: 1
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