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Woolie Reitherman
Christopher Finch, Linda Rosenkrantz

Edward Summer: Did you go to China?

Woolie Reitherman: I used to live in China during World War II.

ES: What part?

WR: Kunming. I was flying all the time, so I wasn’t there all that time. A wonderful country. Wonderful people. You ought to go. It will change your life, if you’re aware. It’s a great country. It’s a great people and a great culture. Their approach to life is different than ours. I’m no authority, but I’m just telling you what I experienced. […]

ES: Did any of the Studio’s films ever get released in the Orient or India?

WR: I don’t know whether released or stolen or whatever. When I was flying for Philippines Airlines for a while—this is post-World War II—I went back over there and flew and I used to fly into Shanghai. I walked in there and on a marquee there was Bambi and there was a Chinese subtitle. They must have gotten hold of a print, or kept hold of it, because I’m sure they hadn’t gotten it officially.

ES: People went to see it?

WR: They were laughing in the right places and everything.



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Source type Book Series
Volume 23 Chapter: 7
Subject date 1972
Language en
Document type Interview
Media type text
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Pages pp. 47-52


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