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Tyrus Wong
EMC West

EMC West: How did you first come to the Disney Studio?

Tyrus Wong: I got married, and Chinese people when they get married have to support their wife, right? So I talked to my wife and she said, “You can try the Disney Studio because I hear they are paying artists.” So, I tried that, and first they put me in Inbetweening. At that time I didn’t even know what inbetweening was. We had a group over there with this Japanese and Chinese and everywhere I turned it was melting pot in the place. So I was doing inbetweening. And boy, when I did that and I got home my eyes would feel like they were ready to drop out of their sockets. It’s constantly flipping the paper and into the light. So I told my wife, “See this is awful on my eyes.” She said, “Well, what are you gonna do?” So, being a husband, I said, “I’m gonna do it for a while.” I was there for about a month or so, and I just hated that job, inbetweening. I finally found out that they would do Bambi.


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Source type Book Series
Volume 23 Chapter: 4
Subject date 2004
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Document type Interview
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Pages pp. 27-30


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