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Carol Farris
Jim Korkis
Carol Farris was born on March 13, 1944, in Kansas City, Missouri. Six months later, she and her family (including a brother who was three years older) moved to a tract home in Lakewood, California. When the parents separated, Carol and her brother stayed with her mother who found work as a seamstress and eventually managed a clothing manufacturer business. She wrote: "In the late 1950s, Mom had a job offer from Disney Productions. Worried it may not be as secure a position as her current job, she declined the offer. My brother and I were so disappointed. Our mother working for Disney! How special was that? So yes, anything connected with Walt Disney had a special ring to it. A trip to Disneyland was top priority for any child growing up in the 1950s and 1960s." Carol and her brother attended St. Bernard’s grade school in Bellflower and St. Anthony’s High School in Long Beach. For her senior year, Carol transferred to the local public school and graduated from Mayfair High School in 1962. Soon after graduating, she got the job as the final Space Girl in Tomorrowland. [...]


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