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Gerry Geronimi interview
Ross Care
Ross Care: The studio comments indicate you worked as an animator on many of the shorts in the late ’30s. Could you offer some ideas on what particular qualities an animator had to possess to move on to being an animation director? Gerry Geronimi: An animation director usually comes from the ranks of Animation or Story. A good director must be able to handle his staff efficiently. Animation is a medium that requires the efforts of a lot of people working together. [The director must] be able to handle different types of personalities and have the respect of his complete staff. Some animators, like actors, are a rare breed. Naturally, they think they know more than the director. I have had my share of that kind, but with patience and flattery I bring them around to my way of thinking. Walt usually assigned certain animators with directors whom he felt could handle them. (Ah, such is the life of a director.)


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Source type Book Series
Volume 18 Chapter: 4
Subject date 1975, 1976
Language en
Document type Interview
Media type text
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Pages pp. 49-62


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