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Ward Kimball
John Culhane
John Culhane: I don’t know why you’re so un-fond of Nifty Nineties. Oh, jeez, that’s terrible. JC: Do you think? I thought it was terrible when I was doing it. I wish I’d never even done it. First of all, it shouldn’t have been made into a picture, and Riley Thomson was no director. There was no system in the picture, it was a hit-and-miss thing. Riley would do such things like: Bud Swift had a scene where a horse makes a tap and goes up out of the scene, and you cut to him later, because Mickey’s car comes by and he’s looking like this. [Gestures] Just for a gag, he made Bud do that over eight times. And really nothing was wrong with the first one. But that was Riley’s sense of humor. It was his own picture, and this was sort of a hazing thing. […]


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Source type Book Series
Volume 15 Chapter: 12
Subject date 1978
Language en
Document type Interview
Media type text
Page count 4
Pages pp. 133-136


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