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Roger Broggie
Draft of Biographical Notes
George Sherman
Compiled by George Sherman in 1962, with input from Roger Broggie. […] Roger Broggie has been responsible for most of the three-dimensional animal operations at the park. Roger is a mechanic, and a good one. In 1954, he headed a small department of the studio that kept the cameras in working order. With many True-Life Adventure photographer teams in the field, Roger had the job of keeping all equipment up to date, and he developed certain mechanical devices that aided the True-Life crews in the field. There were ten men in his department: Himself, a draftsman, and eight machinists. Today, the department has over one hundred men. In those days, one of Roger’s side jobs was taking care of Walt’s model railroad that circled the Disney Holmby Hills property. Today, Roger is maintaining the equipment (I think) he has built in the past ten years, and he is making the moving parts for several African gazelles, lions, a rhino, many elephants, jackals, a mess of dinosaurs, and Abe Lincoln. […]


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Source type Book Series
Volume 15 Chapter: 19
Subject date 1962
Language en
Document type Interview
Media type text
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Pages pp. 191-192


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