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Bill Bosché
Dave Smith
Dave Smith: I’ve been reading up on the story-meeting notes and so forth from the series and it’s very fascinating. It surprised me how deeply you guys got into the whole space thing. Bill Bosché: Oh, we really did. DS: You knew a lot more than the government did, I think, at that time. BB: That’s the way it happened. DS: How did the whole thing start? BB: My recollection is that when Walt started thinking about a television series, he was casting about for different subjects. Actually, I first started out with Jack Kinney—Jack Kinney and John Dunn and Lance Nolley there as one little story unit investigating—John and I started a storyboard on the principles of rocketry, in which we showed the old cliché about it being a continuous recoil, a machine gun and a handcar, and Ward Kimball and Julius Svendsen had started another story direction. There were several different groups of us working at the same time. […]


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Source type Book Series
Volume 12 Chapter: 15
Subject date 1977
Language en
Document type Interview
Media type text
Page count 14
Pages pp. 218-231


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