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Ben Sharpsteen
Richard Hubler
We met Ben Sharpsteen in Walt’s People – Volume 3. Here are a few additional memories from him that range from a trip with Walt to educational projects. Ben Sharpsteen: Fantasia was in production and we got word of a demonstration of dimensional sound being put on at Carnegie Hall. Walt said to me, “Let’s take the Super Chief, go back, and take that in.” So we went back to New York, together with our wives, to this demonstration of dimensional sound. Walt decided at that time that he would apply that to Fantasia, naming it Fantasound. It was a very revealing trip. We saw a demonstration of what later became Cinerama. Richard Hubler: Did Walt talk about anything to you on the trip? Do you remember any conversation? BS: We talked about many things. One of them was Disneyland. But not that term. This was March or April 1940. He talked about this display he wanted to build, open to the public. […]


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Volume 8 Chapter: 10
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