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Royal "Mickey" Clark
Jim Korkis & Didier Ghez


[One of Les Clark's] brothers, Royal “Mickey” Clark, had a long career working in finance for the Disney Company.

Mickey joined the Disney Studio in November 1940. He worked in the Shipping Department and the mail room. After World War II, he returned to the Studio and worked briefly in the Camera Department before going into the Accounting Department for the Studio. He also served as treasurer of WED and in a similar capacity with Retlaw. He retired in 1984.

Mickey Clark was gracious enough to answer several questions submitted via e-mail in August 2008 from Jim Korkis and Didier Ghez.

Jim Korkis & Didier Ghez: When and where were you born?

Mickey Clark: I was born in Twin Falls, Idaho on October 29, 1918.

JK & DG: You are credited as both Royal Clark and Mickey Clark. Do you have a preference?

MC: My given name is Royal Clark. My nickname is Mickey. I use Mickey all the time. I use Royal when I sign checks and legal documents. My sister, who was a year and half older, started calling me “Mickey.” There was a song that was popular at that time with the word “mickey” in it



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