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Ken Hultgren
Jim Davis, Alberto Becattini
As told by Jim Davis to Alberto Becattini from 1989 to 1992. The following detailed profile of Ken Hultgren was provided by his long-time friend and colleague Jim Davis through a series of letters he sent to Alberto Becattini from 1989-1992. Alberto’s notes in square brackets complement and sometimes correct what Davis wrote. Hultgren was employed by the Disney Studio for several years between 1936 and 1963. He was a key animator on Bambi (1942) and Sleeping Beauty (1959), and he drew Disney newspaper strips in 1957-59. He also animated at different times at Carry-Weston, Cathedral Films, UPA, Jack Kinney Productions, Eagle Films, Filmation Associates and other studios. From 1942-62, he also wrote and drew comic books for Dell/Western (1942-43), ACG (1944-55), Standard (1944-50), and Archie (1955-62). […]


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Ken Hultgren (Subject)


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Volume 6 Chapter: 31
Subject date 1989, 1992
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