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Walt Disney Productions
Annual Report 1983 - Looking to New Horizons

To Our Stockholders, Employees and Associates: The Horizons pavillio mural gracing the cover of this year's annual report was selected for reasons beyond its grandeur. I believe it is a symbolic representation of the achievements of your company in 1983. It was a year in which the foundations were built that place Walt Disney Productions on the threshold of exciting new horizons.

  • Epcot Center, in its first year of operations, became an international landmark, a magnet for tourists beyond compare. Attendance at Walt Disney World soared to 22.712.000 against 12.560.000 the previous year.
  • Tokyo Disneyland opened and became an instant success. On a single day last summer, more than 94.000 people were at the first international Disney theme park, establishing a new attendance mark in the 28-year history of Disney outdoor entertainment.
  • The Disney Channel was launched with a commitment to in novative family entertainment and it became the fastest growing pay television service in the history ofthe cable industry.
  • An all-new Fantasyland was opened at Disneyland with immediate positive impact on attendance. The fairy tale attractions of old were revitalized by Disney “lmagineers” with state-of-the-art technology, including holograms, fiber optics, three-dimensional animation and other new special effects that evolved out EPCOT Center design concepts.

Epcot Center, Tokyo Disneyland, The Disney Channel and the new Fantasyland all represent substantial investments in our future. They involved worthwhile commitments of financial and creative resources that establish a foundation for long-term profitability. We expect our company to flourish because we have created unique value along with competitive and strategic advantage in the marketplace. […]

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