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Melody Time
from Walt Disney Productions Annual Report 1947

OUT OF OUR MOST VIVID NATIVE FOLKLORE, in tale and music, Walt Disney has, shaped an exciting piece of folk entertainment in his parade of hit fantasies – “MELODY TIME." Its seven threads of fact and fable, woven around the adventures of “Pecos Bill” and “Johnny Appleseed,” are cued for uproarious fun, romantic recollections, whimsical burlesque and a swift succession of thrills. The music rides the galloping action with at least three hit numbers. And in addition to its sheer entertainment riches, Walt's new tune-cartoon feature carries the robust, healthy American spirit which may serve to correct some distorted screen impressions of our national life. The picture is loaded with top, talent from films, radio and recording booths – some appearing in live action, others shining through the animation. Combining their gifts are Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger; Dennis Day, Sons of the Pioneers, Ethel Smith, Frances Langford, the Andrews Sisters, Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians; Freddy Martin and Jack Fina; the Dinning Sisters, Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten, and, in the midst of the rhythmic romp, those sturdy Disney steadies, Donald Duck, Jue Carioca and the frantic Araquan Bird.



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