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Los Posadas

Walt Disney Takes His ABC-TV "Disneyland" Audience on a Gay but Respectful South-Of-the- Border Observance of Christmas

DELIGHTFUL treat of this Christmas week is Walt Disney's cartoon interpretation of Las Posadas, the symbolical Mexican journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It is being presented on the December 22 ABC TV "Disneyland" program.

Climax of the celebration is breaking of the "pinata," a huge clay gourd filled with candy and gifts suspended from the ceiling. Piercing of the pinata is accomplished by a blindfolded youngster, armed with a big stick. It's an event to which the children look forward all year.

"ON EACH OF THE NINE EVENINGS preceding Christmas in Mexico," says Walt Disney, "it is the custom to re-enact the journey of the Holy Family."

"CHILDREN CARRYING IMAGES of the saints gather at the church and form a procession. Along their candlelit journey through the streets they stop at doors, singing plea for shelter, or 'posada'."

"ACCORDING TO TRADITION, they are refused admission. Looking weary and sad, they continue their journey."

"FINALLY, AFTER REPEATING their song outside one friendly door, it is opened in welcome. Now that Mary and Joseph have found shelter at last, the pilgrims enter for rejoicing and celebration."

BREAKING OF THE "PINATA," a grand occasion eagerly anticipated for months by the children.


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