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The Spectacular Mr. Disney
His Television Plans Are As Grandiose As Imagination And $6,000,000 Can Make Them

Walt Disney, whose gray hairs are beginning to show but whose enthusiasm remains undiminished, slid into a chair in the Disney studio commissary, scratched his chin and considered for a moment what he had learned about TV since he got himself into it just a year ago.

"Well," he said cautiously, "I didn't know what I was doing then and I still dont. All I know is, after about three weeks the thought suddenly struck me that I was in this thing and couldn't back out."

The remark typifies the surface naivety of a man who is as sharp as a Disney-created fox but who takes pains to appear as a grown-up kid getting a boot out of the circus. It might be added that he hands the circus ticket to himself with his left hand and takes it with his right. And when no one was looking he calmly led off the rush of the formerly aloof movie studios into television. Disney himself is still far in the lead of the parade. In addition to 26 entirely new hour-long Disneyland shows, each of which will be shown twice during the new October-to-October year, his bustling studio will take to the air this week with the first of a brand new film series— the hour-long, five-a-week Mickey Mouse Club.





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