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King Of The Wild Frontier
'Disneyland's' Davy Crockett Is A Texas-Born Actor Who Sometimes Wears A Tie

Anyone in Hollywood tabbed with the unlikely name of Fess Parker is bound to go in one of two directions—stardom, or back to hog-tending. There cant be any middle ground. "The hawg," Parker noted recently, in a West Texas drawl, "is a pretty intelligent animal. And a little baby pig can be mighty cute. I'd sorta like someday to get aholt of one and tie a red ribbon around its neck and dress it up in a nice babyblue sweater and lead it real quiet-like through the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel." Obviously, the one to latch onto a man like  this had to be Walt Disney and Parker is Disneys first and only live actor under the standard Hollywood sevenyear contract.

While Parker has emerged as something of a phenomenon in the title role of "Davy Crockett—King of the Wild Frontier" in the recent Disneyland three-parter, (now being repeated on the air) he actually had been kicking around Hollywood for five years before this TV role kicked him up the royal stairs to stardom.




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