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Glenn Barker on Creating Sound at Walt Disney Imagineering for More Than 45 Years
Dan Heaton

[…] Few [imagineers] take the predictable route to a job in theme parks. Glenn Barker played drums in parades at Disneyland before ultimately joining Disney’s sound department. At that time, it was a small group before the parks’ massive worldwide expansions. Barker worked at Disney for more than 45 years creating the sounds that we know and love on Disney attractions.

Barker is [the] guest on this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast to talk about his background and work on iconic rides and shows. His diverse projects include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Impressions de France, The Matterhorn, Star Tours, and Pirates of the Caribbean. This list represents a small portion of Barker’s career, which also involves Disney Cruise Line and the 50th Anniversary special with Steve Martin. He’s also the voice of The Hatbox Ghost at Disneyland and gives other Easter eggs about his place in the parks.

[…] Barker explains the process for designing sounds at Disney’s theme parks. Specifically, his explanation of the audio for the Pirates of the Caribbean battle scene illustrates the complexity in supporting a show scene. Barker also describes the tricky process of creating on-board audio for Space Mountain at Disneyland. His expertise in sound design makes for an episode with a lot of great information. […]


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