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Aladdin animator used subtlety to design strong villain
Chris Roberge

With the 1992 crop of movies finally drawing to a close, it is fair to say that Aladdin was one of the year's most entertaining films. As with most of Disney's animated successes, one of the strengths of Aladdin lies in its villain, the only character with both the greedy ambition and the power to set the workings of the plot in motion. Jafar, the sly and scheming vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah, is a wonderfully depraved character, and a worthy peer of Disney villains of the past. Jafar's angular design and understated movements were created by supervising animator Andreas Deja, who has previously overseen Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and King Triton from The Little Mermaid. I spoke to Dejas about his work in Aladdin when the film opened nationally in late November.




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