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Bovine Modesty

THE height of something or other is the action of several boards of censors cutting out that portion of one of Walt Disney's animal cartoons showing a cow reading a copy of Elinor Glyn's "Three Weeks." It was not so much the book as the way Mrs. Cow was dressed that drew objection. It seems that Mr. Disney had received many complaints about his cow character being too ladylike. "The height of modesty," some wag said, "would be cow wearing a brassiere." Disney could not afford that article so, more as joke than anything else, equipped the bull's sister with an apron. That made certain censors hot, and the scene was ordered out.

The details of some of Disney's cartoon comics have long been objected to. They are not popular with Ohio blue noses, and Canada not only cut out the apron scene but another one in which fish playfully slapped a mermaid. And Germany didn't like it because an army of cats in another issue wore regulation Deutschland uber alles helmets.




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