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Snow White and the 1,200 Dwarfs

TO VISIT the Walt Disney Studios for the first time is quite an experience. An ordinary studio for flesh-and-blood actors, once one is inside its impressive entrance, has a slightly lost and bewildered air, as if it had outgrown its strength and as if everything were happening a little too fast—the employees seem just a trifle depressed, the buildings untidy and temporary. Not so the Disney unit: the approach to the studios is down a quiet countrified stretch of road, hills and trees screen the buildings, and one is suddenly confronted with a vista which resembles something between a factory and a college campus. As I walked on to the lot the collegiate atmosphere became almost oppressive. It was the lunch hour, and nearly all the twelve hundred-odd employees had left their work and were strolling about; everyone seemed to know everyone else; they smiled and waved and shouted greetings.



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