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The Disney World
August/September 1965


  • For Well-Schooled Miss Kwan Proves That Talent And Modesty Are Good Partners
  • Walt Zooms Into Wild Blue Yonder After Trip On Big Carrier
  • Studio Putting In Record Live-Action Production Year
  • Dean Jones, Card And Irving Swing Through Nation For ‘Darn Cat’
  • Walt Fills Hedda’s Column With Non-Tips And Some Unscandal
  • Look Here, Mr. Dinky!
  • Hundred Million View Emile Kuri's Work On TV's Big Oscar Shows
  • MOVING INTERVIEW: Wally Boag Goes Into Action For Inquiring Reporter
  • Educators, Press And Civic Groups Continue Their Praise Of Walt
  • Fantasy, Fashion And Sears Get Together To Promote Pooh Bear
  • Audience Going Ape Over ‘Monkey’s Uncle’
  • Golden Press Set For Kids’ ‘That Darn Cat’
  • ‘Mary Poppins’ Keeps Up Fantastic Pace In Every Overseas Run
  • MAIL’S A-POPPINS: Walt And ‘Mary’ Getting Bulk Of Fanfare From Fans
  • NBC Gets Lion’s Share Of Emmy Nominations
  • Leo Greenfield Moves To New Top Sales Post In Series Of BV Shifts
  • Tours To World’s Fair Huge Assist In Sizing Up Creative Problems
  • Newsmen Bid The Park Their Best Wishes For Happy Second Decade
  • Walt And Imagineers Working On Dynamic New Tomorrowland
  • Senators Murphy And Kuchel Salute Walt, Park On Tencennial
  • Pins And Homers Fly At Half-Way Point In Studio Sports World
  • Disney TV Starts New Season September 19
  • Zorro Rides Again, In Cuba, As A Kid
  • WED Move Sparks Shift Among Studio Offices
  • ‘Cinderella’ Looking Stronger Than Ever
  • Heinz Happy Soups Will Star Mickey And Group
  • One Of Three Little Pigs Tells Story In Okmulgee Interview
  • PIE IN THE EYE: Malted Milk Mayhem Bogs Deacan In Mustard Meringue
  • Color TV On March, Proves Crystal Ball Gazers Cloudy-Eyed
  • A-HAUNTING THEY WILL GO: Disneyland Ready To Sign Up Ghostly Guests
  • Dog Characters Brighten Beverly Hills Affair
  • Slot-Car Raceway Fast Addition To Celebrity Center
  • Resolutions, Letters, Organizations Help In Fight For Good Films
  • Tours To World’s Fair Huge Assist In Sizing Up Creative Problems
  • The 50,000,000th Visitor
  • Art Riley Wins More Awards; Set For Fair
  • Ten-Year Employees’ Dinner High Spot Of Park Tencennial


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