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The Disney World
April/May 1965


  • Julie Andrews: One Of Most Remarkable Personalities In History Of Hollywood
  • State Legislature Bows To Walt, Park In Vote Of Thanks
  • Special Press Tours Add Luster To Park’s Enviable Reputation
  • Intercontinental Convention Set For 50 Music Licensees
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  • JITTERY WIRE: Dano Gets Invite to Whote House For Once O'Clock
  • Everything Coming Up Roses, Including Big Parade Job For Walt
  • 10,000,000 ‘Poppins’ Merchandising Items Set Picture Record
  • WED Officially Joins Up As Subsidiary In Imagineerative Way
  • ‘Fantasia’ Set For Stereo In Australia
  • Record 24 Writers Keep Ball Rolling For Biggest Year
  • Julie Reihm Extends Her Travels To Europe
  • Book Sales, Screenings At Studio Promise Doings For ‘Darn Cat’
  • ‘World Of Color’ Set For Fifth NBG Season
  • Delighted Russians Hear Von Drake Set Pitch For Color TV
  • ‘Snow White’ Topping ‘Goldfinger’ And The Beatles In Britain
  • Ellenshaw Divides Time Between Disney Scenes, And Seascapes
  • Walt Cast For Part In Pre-Opening Show At The World's Fair
  • Donald’s Idea Raises Sunken Ship In Persia
  • Promotions, Departure Mark Changes At Park, Rest Of Disney World
  • ‘Mary Poppins’ To-Do Turns Into Hair-Do
  • From ‘The Ugly Dachshund’
  • BIOGRAPHY OF SYN: Exposed To Reader’s View In 'Darn Cat’
  • ‘Poppins’ People Get Writers’, Editors’ Nod
  • ‘Comics and Stories’ To Be 25 Next July
  • Mary Mills Appointed To Bench In England
  • Characters Prep Kids Down Argentina Way
  • ‘Poppins’ LP Soaring To New All-Time High For Sales Of Albums
  • ‘Zorro’ Sales Set Out On A Syndicated Gait
  • 500 Balloons Fly For ‘Incredible Journey’
  • Morita - San Seamails Hefty Report On Twin Picture Campaigns
  • Journey To Caracas Prepares ‘Poppins’ For South America
  • Walt Signs Van Dyke To Four-Film Contract
  • Joan Blondell Loves Studio And Says So
  • Nation’s Critics Put Julie In First Place
  • Do-It-Yourself Scribe Proves Publicity Boon
  • Disney Characters Put Brand On Soap For Sales In Japan
  • Survey by ‘Seventeen’ Rates Hayley Mills, Comedies At The Top
  • A Patsy For Patsy
  • Boy From Marceline Heads Up Missouri’s Library Week Report
  • Next Stop Is Munich For ‘Magic Of Rails’
  • ‘Mary Poppins’ Races Toward Doubling All Disney Movie Records
  • Walt Lends Voice In Funds Appeal For ‘Radio Free Europe’
  • Julie Andrews Gets ‘Best Newcomer’ Vote From British Academy
  • ‘Mary Poppins’ Winner Of Five Oscars Out Of Thirteen Nominations
  • Cotton Warburton Fields Statuette, Forgets Speech
  • 'Mary Poppins’ Story Leads To Look At Ode Of The Oscar


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