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Imagineer Tom K. Morris interview

Imagineer Tom K. Morris is a Disney theme park LEGEND. Heck, his story even reads like the stuff of legend! At age 12, Tom saved up enough money from his paper route to fly himself – by himself! – to the opening of Walt Disney World. At age 14, he started selling balloons in Disneyland. A few years later, Tom was drafted by Disney headhunters to come work for WED (now known as Imagineering). From there, he went on to develop fully synced on-ride audio for Space Mountain (using only a cassette Walkman!), helped create EPCOT’s original Journey Into Imagination (one of Disney’s all-time best attractions!), designed Disneyland Paris’ GORGEOUS Fantasyland (including the castle!), served as executive creative show producer for Hong Kong Disneyland (I’ve watched the YouTube videos!), and is credited by many in Imagineering for making the design of Cars Land “work.”

Now, after some 42 years with Disney, Tom K. Morris has retired…and The Disney Elite was there to pester him!

So with a resume as varied and visionary as Morris’, what did I want to drain his brain about? Why, the neon Mickey ‘Star Trader’ sign, of course!



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