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Stephen Anderson interview

There are very few films that took me by surprise as much as Meet the Robinsons. As a huge film/animation nerd, I tend to know a lot (too much?) about a film way before it ever hits theaters. As such, I’ve usually got a pretty good guess as to what my reaction will be before I even sit down to watch a movie. But there are exceptions. Those films that didn’t get much of a push in the press. Those smaller, more personal films that the big studios don’t quite know how to market. And those films I was just too clueless to pay the proper attention to. Disney’s Meet the Robinsons was a combination of all of these. Ah, but when I finally DID see it? Tears of laughter! Tears of sadness! Tears of joy! The tear duct trifecta!

Films about ‘family’ are my favorite made-up film genre. Lilo & Stitch, Summer Wars, The Royal Tenenbaums…maybe it’s my own less-than-stellar early years that has me gobbling up these masterpieces like Reeces Pieces, but I LOVE these films’ portrayal of the ups and downs of family life. Meet the Robinsons is definitely on that list, too. That’s why I’m DELIGHTED to get the chance to interview Stephen Anderson, Meet the Robinsons’ director, co-writer and the voice of three (THREE!) of its most memorable characters – Tallulah, Grandpa Bud + Bowler Hat Guy!

But before I drown Anderson in minutia-laden questions about MtR, let’s take some time to find out a bit about the man himself…

Part 1: The Early Years


Part 2: Working at Disney


Part 3: Modern-Day Disney (a.k.a. Keep Moving Forward)



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