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Sunmee Joh interview

The Disney Elite is delighted to announce a new feature – ORIGINAL INTERVIEWS! We’re even MORE delighted to announce who our second interview is with – Disney story artist Sunmee Joh!

Sunmee Joh is a relatively new name to most Disney fans, as Moana was her first feature film. Oh, but what a way to make an entrance! According to the folks at, it was Joh’s idea to have Heihei get captured by the Kakamora, thus keeping the dim-witted rooster from getting cut from the film. Or, as John Lasseter put it at the time, “YES, HEIHEI IS SAVED!”

So how does a recent CalArts grad go from the classroom to Disney’s legendary Story Team? Let’s let Sunmee tell it…

The Early Years


Working at Disney




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