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Ben Harris
He Kicked Walt Disney Out of the Disneyland Train Station
The Disney Dose podcast is joined by Ben Harris. While working for Disneyland and the team that opened Walt Disney World, he served in numerous positions from Disneyland Railroad conductor to operations manager. While there he was responsible for sharing the news of the tragic JFK assassination with all of Disneyland as the park announcer. Later, he gave Walt Disney and a group of executives the tour on the Jungle Cruise that got the new attraction script approved. […] In this episode you will hear:
  • How he got his job at Disneyland
  • Why he drove Walt Disney on the Jungle Cruise
  • How he met Walt Disney for the first time
  • What he did at Disneyland when President John F Kennedy died
  • Why he was such a good announcer
  • How he helped to design the Disneyland tour guide program
  • Which heads of state he toured around Disneyland
  • How he changed the Jungle Cruise script
  • What he did when interviewing nervous Disneyland Cast Member candidates
  • Why Tinkerbell didn’t land so gracefully after leading the fireworks
  • Who he introduced at the Plaza Gardens stage
  • Article about Ben Harris at Disneyland Alumni Club


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Ben Harris (Interviewee)


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