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The Black Hole
Disney attempts to outdazzle Star Wars
"Closed to visitors" says a sign hanging on every sound studio on the Walt Disney lot at Burbank, California. Usually friendly and open to visitors from the press, the studio has suddenly taken on the appearance of a CIA camp. Has the profitable Disney operation taken a turn for the worse and temporarily suspended operations? No, a spokesman explains, the powers-that-be are taking no chances of having the plot of their multimillion dollar space epic leaked to a copycat film producer. Like Steven Spielberg before him, director Garv Nelson is determined to prevent a TV movie-of-the-week ripoff of The Black Hole – at least until after the movie is released. The plot, producer Ron Miller alLows guardedly, concerns a group-of astronauts who enter science's ultimate phenomenon – a black hole located in the outer reaches of the universe. "Black holes are a mystery even to the scientists who predicted them," Miller explains. "Some speculate that time slows and finally stops at their edge. Others suggest that a black hole may be a path to another universe. Another theory is that a person entering a black hole could find himself back where he started." Will all that be seen on the screen? Miller simply grins. […]


The Black Hole (1979) (Black Hole, The Black Hole)


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