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Setting Your Course On The Submarine
Story Guide and Operations Manual

Welcome aboard the Disneyland Submarine Voyage.

This attraction is not just a ride on a submarine; it is Walt Disney's re-creation of a living experience and depicts one of America's most dramatic achievements - the nuclear-powered submarine. Our fleet closely parallels its ocean-going counterpart in exterior design.

Duty aboard an atomic-powered submarine has been limited to a select few because of military security, and as a result, the possibility of an American citizen actually submerging in a nuclear submarine is very remote. Here in Disneyland, Walt has made it possible for everyone to experience the events that men of the United States Nuclear Powered Submarine Fleet have been experiencing during the past decade.

To tell you the story behind our submarine fleet and to better familiarize you with the operating procedures of the attraction, we have prepared this manual.

Your foreman and supervisors are on the job to instruct you and to supervise your work. In addition to your accepting training and direction, we would like you to ask questions whenever there is something which is not clear to you.

We hope you enjoy your experience working as part of the crew of the Disneyland Submarine Fleet.

Vice President for Operations


  • The Story Behind the Story
  • Our living Submarine Story
    • Getting Under Way
    • Diving and lagoon Segment
    • Graveyard of lost Ships Segment
    • North Pole Segment
    • The Bottom of the Sea Segment
    • Mermaid Segment
    • Lost Continent of Atlantis Segment
    • Volcano Segment
    • Sea Serpent Segment
    • Return to Surface
  • Submarine Voyage Map
  • Operating Procedure
    • Dock Positions
      • Ticket Reception
      • Forward Dock
      • Intermediate Dock
      • Rear Dock
    • Submarine Skipper
    • The Use of the Radio
    • Emergency Procedures
      • In the Submarine
      • At the Panel
      • Power Failure
      • Broken Porthole
      • Claustrophobia
      • Fire
      • Accidents
  • Appendix
    • Facts About Disneyland Submarines
    • History of Submarines
    • How a Submarine Operates
    • Glossary
    • For Further Reading


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