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Main Street Vehicles
Story Guide and Operations Manual

Our Main Street vehicles play an important part in the Disneyland show.
First, they are essential to the staging of Main Street, U.S.A. The contrast to the hustle and bustle of our modern world and its streamlined modes of transportation is sharp and penetrating. Suddenly, as a guest comes onto Main Street, the entire mood changes. The years roll backward ... back to Main Street,  U.S.A., circa 1900. It wouldn't be Main Street without the leisurely clop-clop of a horse-drawn surrey, or the chug-chug of a horseless carriage.
Second, they serve as much-needed transportation for our guests. They provide a convenient and colorful way to reach the heart of the Magic Kingdom — or back to Town Square after a long day in the Park.
Third, hosts assigned to operate these vehicles play an important part in answering questions — giving tips and directions to our guests who are either starting out or winding up their day at Disneyland. Your rule falls into what might be called our "first impression — last impression" group. You can start our guests off on the right foot — in the right mood, and send them away with a warm feeling — and a desire to come back.
Well give you some tips on handling these anticipation-full-guests-on-the-way-in, and fun-filled-footworn-guests-on-the-way-out later.
First, though, let us tell you the background of the story in which you play your part.

Main Street, U.S.A.

The Horse-Drawn Streetcars

The Surreys

The Corseless Carriages

The Omnibus

The Horse-Drawn Fire Wagon

The Motorized Fire Engine







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