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Claire Keane
Visual Development Artist
Today we have another returning guest—one who has done some work I know you’ve seen and some other work that you need to see. In this episode, we return to Visual Development Artist and children’s book author & illustrator Claire Keane. […] In this episode Claire talks about:
  • A brief refresher on what a Visual Development Artist does
  • The differences in what her role was on Frozen vs. Tangled
  • How Frozen changed dramatically while she was working on it
  • What her process as a Visual Development Artist is like
  • Her work on Rapunzel’s murals in Tangled—and having to put the sun emblems in there
  • What she did on the movie Enchanted
  • Why Tangled was (and is) so special to her
  • How Tangled set the stage for wanting to do her children’s books
  • Growing up with Glen Keane as her Dad and how he continues to support her (unfortunately, we had a bit of Skype issue in this part)
  • Her newest book, Little Big Girl—what it’s about, what makes it different, and how it partially echoes the style of her granddad—Bil Keane, creator of the Family Circus
  • The tribute to her granddad she included in the book—here’s a hint: it’s in the shownotes for this episode, too
  • Whether the pictures created the words or vice versa while she was working on her books
  • How creating Little Big Girl has influenced the way she looks at the world


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