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Having a Ball
Story artist & ultimate fanboy Mark Walton speaks up about Bolt's biggest fan ever, Rhino
Bob Miller
What's a super-hero without a sidekick? Batman has Robin. The Green Hornet has Kato. Mr. Incredible has Frozone. Qui-Gon Jinn has Obi-Wan Kenobi and ...Jar Jar Binks. (OK, forget that last one.) Disney's latest superhero, the wonderdog Bolt, has a sidekick named Rhino. He's a hamster, except he's far, far more than simply a sidekick. He's Bolt's biggest fan. Ever. Mark Walton, who voices the chubby furball, is just as enthusiastic as his character when describing him. "Rhino is basically the ultimate fanboy," he begins. "Anybody who has gone to a comic book or science fiction convention, or who has friends who are into Star Trek, MacGyver or Star Wars, [has seen these people who] dedicate their lives to being the biggest fan of what- or whomever. In this case, Rhino watches lots of television in his little Habitrail, and his favorite TV show is Bolt. He idolizes Bolt. Rhino would love to be Bolt if he could. And when the opportunity comes where he actually meets the show's star, the real-life Bolt, Rhino jumps at the chance to participate in a Bolt adventure across the U.S." […]




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