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Yori's Story
Greetings, Program! Cindy Morgan Welcomes You Anew To The World Of TRON.
Pat Jankiewicz
The best reason for having a computer in your home isn't PlayStation 3, it's Cindy Morgan in TRON! The idea of a gorgeous, Spandex-clad blonde running around your personal system was too good to pass up. "You know how I pulled off that Spandex?" she smiles. "No lunch!" As Yori, Morgan is one of the residents of a computer world who compete in gladiatorial battles. When hacker Kevin (Jeff Bridges) is abducted into their realm and forced to participate, Yori, a supreme fighter, helps train him. Somewhat naive in other matters, Yori learns from Kevin, while showing him how to survive in the computerverse. You can almost draw a direct line from TRON's plot and characters to the Matrix trilogy. Both are essentially the same story of an outsider brought to the grid and faced with freeing the world. And Yori — like Trinity from The Matrix — prepares the hero for his rightful place. While many of the situations and character names in TRON are now everyday computer jargon, at the time (before anyone had a PC) they were unknown. It's no wonder that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is a TRON fan. "TRON was the first CGI film ever made," Morgan states. "And as the first, it received a lot of notoriety. I had no clue that it would become so big or that CGI would become the future of film. TRON is amazing — it's the one movie I did where engineers come up to me and say, 'Your film is why I got into computers.' "[Writer-director] Steven Lisberger is a great guy who knew what he was doing. He was ahead of his time — way, way ahead of his time. People love TRON because it has stood the test of time. To be honest, I had to see the movie a couple times to really get it. When we made it, we were working blind! Playing CGI ball without a ball was pretty difficult. It was like being a little kid again and using your imagination." Lisberger approached the actress about doing the film. "I did a test with Jeff, and Deborah Harry was up for the Yori role, but I got it and was happy to do it," Morgan smiles. "You never know what is going to work out and what isn't. You put the same amount of effort into every project, but you never know what will hit. I always try to do the best job I possibly can every single time and hope for the best." […]




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