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The Watcher in the Woods
Phil Edwards

This, the new Disney feature, has a somewhat troubled production history behind it which accounts for the belated release some two years after its completion. Various stories regarding the problems have surfaced, all commenting on the ending of the picture. Apparently the original conclusion featured an alien planet and beings which were so poorly executed that they drew hoots of derision from American audiences and the movie was pulled from circulation somewhat rapidly.

Whatever the full and correct story is, what we are interested in here is the final version, not the saga surrounding it. I'm happy to report The Watcher in the Woods is actually not,bad at all and brings back happy childhood memories of such other Disney items as The Moonspinners, Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna and others which always seemed to star a pre-pubescent Hayley Mills. Watcher is no classic to be sure, but remains lights years ahead of those awful films with the adu/t in mind, The Black Hole and the horrendous Night Crossing. Watcher in the Woods is actually a childrens Disney film, something the studio have had variable success with over the years.



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