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The Disney Tapes
Richard Holliss

Enter the World of Pure Magic! The latest, advertising slogan to announce another step forward for Walt Disney Productions. Last November, the company officially entered the video market, releasing 16 feature films and 4 cartoon compilations on video cassette. With the consistantly low rental charges, the new programme will, I'm sure, prove just as popular with the consumer as the Disney 8mm package films have over the last twelve years.

My view of the Disney home movies is one of admiration. The picture and sound quality has always been nothing short of superb. With skilful editing, these extracts are, in most cases, beyond comparison, and its nice to see that a recent addition to the series was The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia. The only problem with these films has always been their running time. Apart from an occasional special, Disney have given us nothing over 8 minutes, and the end title always seemed to flicker into view far too soon, interrupting a variety of Disney characters from Mary Poppins to Bambi.





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