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Alan Jones

„Brilliant“ and “Stunning" are such overused words of hyperbole these days that when a film comes along that truly merits them I fear their effect is often dulled. I tend not to use these words too often myself but l just have to apply them to Dragonslayer. It is stunning. Why? Because unlike most special effect forays of recent times, Dragonslayer, with the aid of superior stop-motion animation, hand puppets and hydraulic body mechanisms superbly puts on celluloid one of the most spectacular creatures of myth which in turn totally immerses you in a world of fantasy. You believe what you see. Few films have the ability to do that successfully. In recent times Raiders of the Lost Ark and Time Bandits have put across this element superbly - Dragonslayer does it equally magnificently as it offers some of the most indelible images ever to be seen in the cinema of the fantastic. The film has a fairly thin storyline - it is a fairytale after all - and the direction by Matthew Robbins can only be described as adequate but it is for the technological wizardry alone that I urge you to see Dragonslayer.



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