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Disney's Form Sound Recording Co.
Independent's Business Sought

The first mobile "sound on film" equipment for independent producers' use will soon make its appearance in Hollywood. It is being built for Walter and Roy Disney, producers for many years of animated cartoons. This sound unit was designed by William Garrity, the Disney chief engineer and George Loweree, his assistant, both DeForest experts.
According to Walter Disney, the entire outfit will be mounted on two trucks, the smaller of which will be available for direct contact with studio sets. The device has as its nucleus a Powers' Cinephone, which records all sound direct on the film. A crew of pioneer sound on film experts will accompany the trucks. The Disney brothers, who will operate the device as the Disney Film Recording Corporation, are at present using the basic equipment to record sound for their current short subjects.

Ready Now

As we go to press, it is learned that this equipment is ready now. The major truck is of one and one-half ton capacity while the recording will be done on film, using the glow lamp process instead of the light valve. The Disney Brothers plan to do no producing of their own at present with the exception of the sound cartoons "Mickey Mouse" ( 1/2 reelers) six of these have been made already and are meeting with great success.
The rental prices of the trucks have not been decided on at present, but a reasonable rental can be expected, it is said. Carl Stalling, as music director for the organization, is prepared to handle the music synchronization, compositions, etc., necessary for independent units.


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