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The Haunted House
Did you ever visit a haunted house? New technology, illustrated by the Epcot Center, may make the traditional attractions pale by comparison.
Fred D'Ignazio
[…] Today, horror movies are very popular. But you can’t find a good haunted house anywhere. The technology found in haunted houses is old and decrepit - hardly convincing to kids raised on a steady diet of Star Wars, CreepShow, Poltergeist, and E. T. But what if some designers got together to resurrect the old haunted houses? What if they incorporated some of the latest entertainment technology into these houses? What kinds of technology? Technology like you might find at EPCOT. EPCOT stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” It is an 800-million-dollar amusement park of the future, a 260-acre adjunct to the immensely popular Disney World in central Florida. It is the largest undertaking in the 56-year lifetime of Walt Disney Productions. Eighteen hundred people spent ten years planning it. Four thousand construction workers, architects, designers, artists, and engineers spent three years building it. […]


EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow)


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