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Disney-Pixar animator Bob Scott
Aljon Go, Dave Bossert

Hosts Aljon Go and Dave Bossert welcome, Pixar's Bob Scott. […] Bob Scott is an animator and cartoonist from the Bay Area and a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts film animation program. Scott’s animated short 'Late Night with Myron' was part of the 1988 theatrical compilation film entitled 'Outrageous Animation'. His animation has been seen in numerous animated feature films such as Pixar’s 'Toy Story 3' (2010), 'Ratatouille' (2007), 'WALL-E' (2008), 'The Incredibles' (2004), and Dreamworks Animation's 'The Prince of Egypt' (1998), among others. He led the animation team on the Annie Award-winning Pixar short 'Your Friend the Rat' (2007) and was part of the small animation crew for the Oscar-nominated 'Day and Night' (2010). He is also the creator of the syndicated comic strip 'Molly and the Bear', which can be read on GoComics, New York Daily News, and since 2010.



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Bob Scott (Interviewee)


Pixar, Animation (Animartion)


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