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Forever Let Us Hold Our Banner High
Jim Fanning

That’s how the leader of the Club introduced The Mickey Mouse Club on Monday. October 3, 1955 (and on every subsequent Monday—or as it’s better known to loyal Mouseketeers, Fun with Music Day). Walt Disney’s grand venture into children's programming definitely delivered “big doin's” and the Mouseketeers too. Those talented kids who were to become household names and legendary Disney stars turned the show into a cultural phenomenon. Now as The Mickey Mouse Club celebrates its 50th anniversary, Disney DVD presents two “neat ’n’ pretty" DVDs saluting Annette, Lonnie, Cubby, Karen and the whole gang. So proudly put on your Mouseka-ears—it’s time to celebrate 50 years of Mouseketeers.

[img]Above: For The Mickey Mouse Club Walt Disney enlisted his top animators to cre­ ate Mickey's daily animated lead-ins. Here, to introduce Fun with Music Day. Mickey is a song-and-dance man as animated by one of Walt's legendary “Nine Old Men.” Ollie Johnston.[/img]

[img]Mouseketeers Doreen and Bobby really cook in the Mousekemusical "Cooking with Minnie Mouse.[/img]




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