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The Dwarfs Who Is Who

[image]"Happy" was based on the mannerisms of Otis Harlan, well-known American entertainer. He was the first man to sing "Alexander's Ragtime Band"[/image]

[image]Scott Mattraw portrayed "Bashful." A singer of some repute, Mattraw first appeared in musical comedies, and later became a theatre manager[/image]

[image]Disney chose Roy Atwell, above, for the character of "Doc." A radio star, Atwell spent a period of over two years working on the role![/image]

[image]At the foot of the left-hand column, and above, is Pinto Colvig, who took the dual parts of "Grumpy" and "Sleepy." Formerly a newspaper man, Colvig has been with Disney for six years[/image]

[image]Above, Billy Gilbert, creator of the difficult role of "Sneezy." Below, the original of "Dopey" was Eddie Collins, recruited from the vaudeville theatre[/image]



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