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Revolution on the Midway
An Exotic World Unfolds
Dennis Meredith

Amusement parks projecting new concepts; super-realistic films, startling effects

"Yessirree, ladies and gentlemen, step right up herel (Move aside, boy, let the folks through!) Got a question for ya, folks, important question!

"Are you tired, I say TIRED, of the usual fun park? Have you been roller-coastered,ferris-wheeled, and haunted-housed enough? Did you leave your heart and a few other vital organs on some crazy ride? Have you been to Disneyland so many times that they made Mickey Mouse your personal tour guide?

"Well, friends, have I got news for you! There's newfangled aymusement contraptions comin' your way! Eee-lectronical contraptions, LASERS, COMPUTERS, VISUAL THRILLS, and CEREBRAL SPILLS like NEVER BEFORE! Yessirree, ladies and gentlemen, tech-nology, I say TECHNOLOGY is comin' your way! Just listen to the man, here!"


A Future Fair

A Future Fair The Grandmouse of the fun-park business is, of course, Walt Disney Productions, with its huge California and Florida amusement centers. Predictably, Disney's "imagineers" are well ahead of the pack, with their plans for an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT), set to open in Florida in 1982. The half-billion-dollar project, the translation of Walt Disney's dream of a showcase of futuristic concepts, will consist of two major theme areas-Future World and World Showcase. Showcase will be composed of permanent national exhibits by participating countries, much like those seen at world's fairs.



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