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Trip from Fair Should Be Easier

It took unusual care to transport delicate although ferocious looking- exhibits to fairgrounds. Thought now is for return.

EXHIBITORS at New York World's Fair are already looking to the day that they will be packing up and moving out. Same special care that went into bringing exhibits to the fairgrounds will be seen again for many items on display. They will be tenderly packed and shipped for reuse.

Among the items that probably will get special attention are the prehistoric creatures and 32 cave men, assorted birds and animals, that appear in Ford Motor Company's pavilion. Same logistics, in reverse, probably will be put into effect.

Designed and created by WED Enterprises, Inc., Walt Disney's architectural and services and engineering company, Ford's Magic Skyway exhibit, presented special problems in its transport from California. While rugged in appearance, the giant creatures and club-wielding cave men were fragile. They contained sensitive electronic systems to animate them.



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