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Disneyland: Adventures in PR

The business side of Disneyland shows a profitable rendezvous between more than a score of cool-headed, image-minded marketers and a light-hearted, well-impressed public. In five years, Disneyland has lured 19 million potential customers to its tenants.

Why have companies like Eastman Kodak, Kaiser Aluminum and General Dynamics spent thousands of dollars at Disnevland to build stores and exhibitions which are authentic replicas of the past, or projections of the future? The answer is simple-if you view it in terms of dollars and just plain common sense.

The Upjohn Co. has come up with detailed, accurate re-creation of an 1890 apothecary shop, complete with weights and measures. Here it samples new products and distributes technical and consumer booklets.

In the TWA displav vou can find a towering rocket ship, waiting for its flight into space -accompanied by a uniformed stewardess and helmeted pilot. TWA features this exhibition in several of its ads. and promotes package tours of the park as sales incentives.

Many highly original adventures have also been created by the Disnevland management. Witness America's first dailv-operating monorail, carrying people "over concrete highway in the sky"; a journey down an African river and on through a tropical jungle; bobsled run down the slopes of the Matterhorn.

To support the theory that fun gets people in a buying mood, Disnevland runs a constant market research gram, interviewing one pro-out of 20 visitors. Of these, 66 5% shop during their 53 hours in the park, spending over $5 each; 11.6% report a "particular interest" in the institutional exhibits.



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