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Biggest Guest Stars
"Snow White's Dwarfs' Debut"

MOST sensationally successful motion picture this year has been Walt Disney' s animated-cartoon feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Most sensational revelation concerning the well-loved film was news that its characters were not imaginary but were based on the facial and vocal impersonations of actors and actresses who gave voices to the characters and who modeled tor the artist. Since Screen Guide, Radio Guide's sister publication, first revealed them, the real Snow White and her dwarfs have been making the most of their sudden fame. Thus recently four actors who play five of the dwarfs became sensational stars on the air, radio's biggest guests, on the program Al Jolson broadcasts at 8:30 pm. EDT Tuesdays on CBS (8:30 pm. PST for the West). These scoop pictures reveal the real dwarfs!



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